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albergo italiaalbergo italia


letters, they were, sent without notice

thereby I wrote that

we have already met some decades ago

that reminds me enough

our faces seem so new

free and easy hands, jumping gestures

all those bubbles we live inside

we touch, we hang, we watch

endless movement is going to nibble

over my postmodern desk things to be listed

take them and put away so long ’till the next

we were hidden somewhere

poor clefts and absolutely nothing

even less

what can you do on it

asking if ever we are happy

what we desire or we cut from the past

where we can find a convenient place

death is twisting all around

so hard so boiled

tarot say death is just a changement

the perfect crossing over

even not even not

mourning tears straight at the bottom

one soul or two, jazz-lounge is the soundtrack

shall we go right now

shall we write an other message

albergo italia


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