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Shannon Wright, With closed eyes

Chelsea light moving , Sleeping where I fall

Country Teasers, Hairy wine 2

Fugazi, Returning the screw

Yeah yeah Yeahs, Black tongue

Iggy Pop, Five Foot One


Whilst I still can.

Whilst . I do.

Whilst the otter to the edge of the pond


( I have never seen an otter)

Whilst the midnight of morning

holds me close

Whilst all dogs are quiet

(especially the birds)

Whilst the hush of a new day

allows no helicopters

and prayer is silent.

Whilst memories yet hold me prisoner

of my hulk, whilst Whitman yet holds

such daring of his & lord of his affection.

When silence pervades

and any punctuation is unnecessary.

( as a child i was told “you think too much”

Parentheses rarely apply.

Whilst monsters (be there any)

are asleep whilst the mind slumbers, it seems.

And the day is good.

And doubt is a Hallowen pumpkin

without a candle

(in it.


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