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                                                                                                          may it come that all the radiances

will be known as our own radiance

Tibetan Book of the Dead

cacophony of small birds at dawn

         may it continue

sticky monkey flowers on bare brown hills

         may it continue

bitter taste of early miner’s lettuce

          may it continue

music on city streets in the summer nights

          may it continue

kids laughing on roofs on stoops on the beach in the snow

           may it continue

triumphal shout of the newborn

           may it continue

deep silence of great rainforests

           may it continue

fine austerity of jungle peoples

           may it continue

rolling fuck of great whales in turqoise ocean

           may it continue

clumsy splash of pelican in smooth bays

          may it continue

astonished human eyeball squinting thru aeons at astonished nebulae who squint back

          may it continue

clean snow on the mountain

          may it continue

fierce eyes, clear light of the aged

          may it continue

rite of birth & of naming

          may it continue


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  1. Ciao Elisabetta, buona serata 🙂

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