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John Zorn, Spillane

Sonic Youth, Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle hand cream

Shannon Wright, Tax the patients

Pj Harvey, The words that maketh murder

Kaffe Matthews, The red room

Slap Happy, Bad Alchemy



You kill ten guys one of them is bound

to come back. He doesn’t know how dead he is.

He runs after you and grabs your gun. You

better wake up.

If your brain waited this long to talk to your

hand a cigarette would burn right through

your fingers. That’s too long.

I feel like I just smocked a deck of cigarettes

and forgot to blow out the smoke.

Stupid idiots. I hate the rain. I hate people like that.

They don’t know wet the rain can get.

If I shut my eyes I feel like I’m back

in Indiana. Then I open them and I

want to take the next guy I see and rip

the ribs right out of his chest. I want too take

this crowd and mash it together like a

sack of potatoes.

“The noise was so loud I didn’t know

if the bullet hit me or not.”

” It didn’t but you might wish it had…”

“Thanks. A real friend will always tell

you after it’s to late to do anything.”

I couldn’t let them see me get sick.

What I wasn’t saying was making my stomach pitch.

I got back in the car before I opened my mouth.

The gun bucked back like she did.

She didn’t have room for any pockets.

There was a party of bullets going on

inside her shirt.

Where are the men with their sleeves

roiled up and their knuckles split open?

They ripped the stuffing out of my

mattress but they didn’t touch the

sheets on my bed.

There are only so many ways a

woman can undress. I thought I’d

seen them all.

Arto Lindsay


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  1. Ciao Elisabetta! 🙂

    …che playlist!

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