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Last night Mike told me he believed the stars are alive

today we walk with the yellow haired child

eyes of the auctioneer’s furniture

fell into mirror specks

the mirror specks reflect Mike’s wife Jo Ann

the expanding universe of Foster’s on the corner

of Polk and Sutter

a four or five headed portrait of Ginsberg Corso McClure

Lamantia e Kerouac

I hope La Vigne paints it

Haselwood is washing his teeth

the yellow haired child like the light in Foster’s cafeteria

Boobus NcClure

is making all kinds of metalic sounds in the kitche

Publicity! Public spectacles!

Artaud writing against the superstitions of the text

the morning is burnt with smells of cooking and cooked stars

It’s nirvana!

It’s the last goof!

It’s pungent silk worm disease!

It’s beautiful ship of state undulating its ribs!


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