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Category Archives: good vibrations

The Beatles, Getting better

Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit

John Coltrane, MR. P.C.

The Who, My generation

Jimi Hendrix, Foxie Lady

Bob Dylan, All Along The Watchtower



giovanni michelucci

missing people, wonderful stars

bed-linen turned in flowers for you

thanks to floating hands

blear-eyed and puppy

thanks to floating glances

around around the room

furniture at least

the celling, the wardrobe, the cups on

in between  the seats

lovely and lonely calf- love for me

telling your cute stories from any hidden place

just a spellbound as well

is this grace is this mercy

an open field for a fly

turn on the last calls

daddy daddy



giovanni michelucci,radici della città



Bill Laswell, Night air & low frequency

AGF, Private birds

DJ Spooky, Lingua ex machina

Miles Davis, Pharaoh’s dance

John Coltrane, Impressions

John Zorn, Batman


blue sky days”

The Books, it never changes to stop

AGF, Chorizon

Ursula Rucker, Children’s poem

Lume Lume, Rupert’s all wrapped up

Lydia Lunch, Pass like night

Jim Carroll, Praying mantis



Fatti illuminare

fino a dove non arrivano gli specchi del guardare

nelle ore bagnate di quando la cecità ci duole.

Fammi tendere l’orecchio alla tua pancia,

fammi ascoltare il ricordo che porta

di quando si frantuma il tormento

in spesse croste d’argilla.


risillabare le parole

a spicchi,

agrumi che dissetano

nell’ansia di prender forma.

Isabella Bordoni

Rolling Stones, Play  with fire

The Jamie Saft Trio, Ballad of a thin man

John Trudell, Sorry love

Vic Chesnutt, Splendid

Slapp Happy, Mr Rainbow

Talvin Singh, The western lands


” I see that dreams are the lifeline to our possible biological and spiritual destiny. Dreams sometimes approximate space conditions. That’s what The western lands is about. ” – W.S. Burroughs





Traffic, Who knows what tomorrow my bring


Napoli Centrale, Campagna

Alban Berg, Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (allegro,ma sempre rubato)

Birdsong’s Air Force, Full Frontal Nudity

Area, Luglio agosto settembre (nero)


Mushroom, Antonioni’s groove

Kings of convenience, The passenger

Brightblack Morning Light, Star blanket river child

Weezer, getchoo

Guillemots, Walk the river

Matmos, Last delicious cigarette