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Category Archives: in progress 2009

we are almost here

with a short luggage

everyday is a possible journey

I was born close enough

I grew up far enough

my story is a face

a promenade and different light

daydream daydream

melancholy is a snake since

when I was four and usually

I drew all my skies in black

a duckling as I am since then

in order to become and pay some rent

once I am a shining glass

once I am a prayer lost

so now I left the radio station

missing all the music I was in commotion with

and the microphone,ferryboat for ideas

may I ever loose this world

the beauty inside

dripping circumstances

the musical response

connected with poetry

I put all these raw materials

in the suitcase together with

the mood and its variations

and now I’m writing my novel

the last chapter is going to be over

lungs and eyelids and lies

flashing variations mood

I should keep the beat

if I stay or if I go

staring through the window



I woke up oh mine

when you called me sweety

my rebirth was coming

may I bite you again may I feed you

some good reason for breakfast

me,barefoot in front of the door

kissing a smile sharing a toffee

morning lost,unusual old weather

a naked dress and daily blossoms:

two of us,a certain love


( Angoli,photo courtesy of Mauro Migoni )

this is the road,you see

all over the open field

all over the merry sky

actually a playground where

everyone is searching for a trip

a good good one,you know

remember the spiced sorrows

and the little delights

and the ghost cities you have been in

and the ghost cities you’re going to

so scratch the lines

when you blow away the blue

plenty of things fall apart

no longer exist

and whatever happens

this kind of days

they are magicians and travellers

they are pretty cool at all


( photo courtesy of Mauro Migoni)


let me catch your glance and write

what we did in our holidays

so pleasant so cool so basic

eating and cooking and cuddling

strolling about,done it

and the mouse’s cute eyes for the picture

and bittersweet wind off the bridge 7am

we are crumbs we are movies too

we are spending another season,you see

this red rose travelled with you

this rose is the pretty greetings around me now

happy new year happy year

where the worlds are sliding for you

where the worlds light up for you

they touch my fingers’ tip


(photo courtesy of mauro migoni)