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Category Archives: in progress 2012

Sweet heart,

the central station is lone

when no word come

and good proposal have gone

and fuzzy stars are outside

and plants on the roof to the merry sky

and nicest moments in experience flushing

and her joy nearly fluttering

and on the way back tonight

I shoot down my private sense of love

so what

our conspirancy is an art

with a lot of sentimental excuses


Globo, cinema

Globo, cinema








this house is my motel

open window screams bells and heat

decoration paintings cover the white besides

chocolate cup in hopeful light

like palettes disorder and pursuit

actually here one single day I spent decades

miracle done miracle done

leafing through my pleasant death

I know when I’ll be dead

I’ll fly above peonies’ head and people

all street along all street along

I’ll go beyond all over I can’t before

nobody sees nobody cares

my skin will be just a showing

short imagines and watery imagines

hats, pink and deep blue flowers

carousels, glad horses, gipsy skirts

daisy fields, nobody cares

nobody cares

jumping  some pain smaller and smaller

years shrinks ’till nought

they are so crazy they don’t loose even a minute

the pure physics

for one way journey

another time in another place

all about the moon

all about the mouth of the sun

previous lives orbit us

so glam so daring so high

mushmellows in the gloomy dark

stampede among kisses and craving for

love is my baggage lost

and I’m the rest of a little girl

comes a time and

the awaikings are not sour anymore

my terrific yellow planet

these black shells aren’t mine

a short while ago

belly belly missing

roll me on roll me on

wipped cream oh long

let me a smash

let me stay

let me pray

we are earthworlls

we are little snips

pink and chocolate pillows

flame on us

fine smocked grass


we talked about lives and other accidents

truly consequences of some leap year

moon as scrabbled eggs

escaping sky mute as fire

we could fly

we made an all-out effort

meanwhile bittersweet is mad

almond jelly on cranberries jam

solaces as molten rock

we were lost in puddles

truly yours