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Category Archives: last 2011

once more once take

in the name of change

we apologize for poverty and mud

we appreciate the long lasting sorrow

no grace, Sir

our weakness flew away

switching moments

passing the land

we became the morbid carpet

for slippery hangover

little knowledge and insanity

how long how long we scratch

and we collapse within a smile

the eyelids blaze in the morning cup

abstract constructions but light-hearted

we simply escape and stand again

we glow we glow in the next parties

and hip hop dancers for the rain

one step beyond, another orchid
close at hands bread and cups
pink dye red dye purple dye
do you look for a new dress
warming up legs and ears
one step beyond, across a lattice window
flowers talk about sleepy islands
as passing fire as lighter skin as foolish streets
wet ground or boiling soup
a woman phones up a man crying
moss on the walls and fags around
the elegance of the day still coming
the curfew too along the court yard bike
one step beyond, walking audience we are
as pushchairs on show


we live worlds
we open words
planets and routes as well
we love we dream we chop
we hope we save we die
stock decades of runner plans
each life is in
 each life is out
like orange squash
chrysanthemums and cinnamon
diamonds and pearls
dust and mould
wicked cheers
pains are tender and flute
the center of universe we see
the big bang rush we stuff
the pretty lies we said downthere we slept
so stay tuned,
fabulous child

caffé letterario. Milano.


smoothing inside

my innerspace

is colourfull and silent

half a glass I dip in

a tray holds up spiritual splits

an essential warehouse and slide

all the cherubim and evil

morning dew morning dew

if the trip is over

intensive and romantic

a sentimental journey

please come in

Lay down lay down

silent roses and precious cheeks

greetings in early sun ray

wisdom of several may

there are mountains of worries

mountains of desires

balancing each others,

would you remember

the gate

the fade

the down beats

shocking for us