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Category Archives: lost and found




Inger Lorre, Beautifull dead

Iggy Pop, Five Foot One

Ramones, Gimme gimme shock treatment

New York Dolls, Looking for a kiss

Gravedigger Five, The Mirror Cracked

Patti Smith, Pumping (my heart)




Arcade Fire, Month of May

Kristin Hersh, your dirty answer

Arab Strap, There is no ending

Van Morrison, Mystic of the east

Donovan, Barabajagal

Outlined Epitaphs


Yes, I am a thief of thoughts

not, I pray, a stealer of souls

I have built an’ rebuilt

upon what is waitin’

for the sand on the beaches

carves many castles

on what has been opened

before my time

a word, a tune, a story, a line

keys in the wind t’ unlock my mind

an’ t’ grant my closet thoughts backyard air

it is not of me t’ sit an’ ponder

wonderin’ an’ wastin’ time

thinkin’ of thoughts that haven’t been thunk

thinkin’ of dreams that haven’t been dreamt

an’ new ideas that haven’t been wrote

an’ new words t’ fit into rhyme

( if it rhymes, it rhymes

if it don’t, it don’t

if it comes, it comes

if it won’t, it won’t)


no I must react an’ spit fast

with weapons of words

wrapped in tunes

that’ve rolled through the simple years

teasin’ me t’ treat them right

t’ reshape them an’ restring them

t’ protect my own world

from the mouths of all those

who’d eat it




Mushroom, Antonioni’s groove

Kings of convenience, The passenger

Brightblack Morning Light, Star blanket river child

Weezer, getchoo

Guillemots, Walk the river

Matmos, Last delicious cigarette


Beatles , One after 909

Chob, We’re pretty quick

Jack White, Freedom at 21

Morphine, Top floor,bottom buzzer

Ani di Franco, see see see see

Sinéad O’Connor, Untold stories

Beck, Paper tiger



I looked into the room a moment ago,

and this what I saw-

my chair in its place by the window,

the book turned facedown on the table.

And on the sill, the cigarette

left burning in its ashtray.

Malingerer! my uncle yelled at me

so long ago. He was right.

I’ve set aside time today,

same as every day,

for doing nothing at all.

John Coltrane, Naima

Jerry Garcia, Love scene

Rolling Stones, Salt of the earth

Roscoe Holcomb, I wish I was a single girl again

Pink  Floyd, Astronomy domine

Kaleidoscope, Brother Mary

Haunted House, Been so long

middle east, somewhere

middle east, somewhere


Meredith Monk, Walking song

Stuart Liebg, Secret one – hand shake

Ketil Bjornstad, Orion

Jealously  Party, Echoes of Harlem (Duke Ellington)

The Charlatans, Codine Blues

Jack White,  High ball stepper

Sixto Rodriguez, Establishment blues





this is the road, you see                                                                                                                                                                

all over the open field

all over the sullied sky

actually a playground where

everyone is searching for a trip

a good good one, you know

remember the spiced sorrows

and the little delights

and the ghost cities you have been in

and the ghost cities you’re going to

so scratch the lines

when you blow away the blue

plenty of things fall apart

no longer exist

and whatever happens

this kind of days

they are magicians and travellers

they are pretty cool at all




Mushroom, Antonioni’s Groove

Matmos, Last delicious cigarette

Miles Davis, Miles runs the voodoo down

Feist, The water

Amy Denio, Wind up

MC5, Come together (live)


nizza, on air

nizza, on air