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Category Archives: orbite




Rolling Stones, Hate to see you go

Pearl Jam, You are

Jimy Hendrix, Stone Free

Screeming Trees, for celebration past

Mark Lanegan, Phantasmagoria blues








James Brown, The boss

Dusty Springfield, Spooky

The Stooges, I wanna be your dog

Castways, Liar Liar

The B-52’s, Lava

Woo Hoo, The’6

Nancy Sinatra, Bang bang (my baby shot me down)




orbite 3

orbite 3



Bob Dylan,  Outlaw blues

Zeros, Getting Nowhere fast

Screaming Trees, Shadow of the season

Buffalo springfield, Good time boy

The White Stripes, Bone broke

Fugees (tranzlator crew), Vocab






sleeping. one step, two steps.

the mirror you carry inside

the stolen feelings you show outside

where you hope, you air, you cry

where you shoot, you dare, you aim.

sleeping. all things must pass

but come back again and again,

those offspring flowers in thunder night.

good broken pieces we are

in bright stars we’re going to change

even more even glass made.

sleeping. gorgeous plains taking care.


basquiat part.

Jeff Buckley, Kick out the jams

Fairport Convention, Reno Nevada

Jefferson Airplane, Volunteers

The Who, My generation

Patti Smith, Don’t say nothing

The Velvet Underground, We’re gonna have a real good time together

Nirvana, About a girl

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Baltimore

Meat Puppets, Boyhood home

Inger Lorre, Dusted