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Category Archives: pipes & letters

missing people, wonderful stars

bed-linen turned in flowers for you

thanks to floating hands

blear-eyed and puppy

thanks to floating glances

around around the room

furniture at least

the celling, the wardrobe, the cups on

in between  the seats

lovely and lonely calf- love for me

telling your cute stories from any hidden place

just a spellbound as well

is this grace is this mercy

an open field for a fly

turn on the last calls

daddy daddy



giovanni michelucci,radici della città


I wanna tell you a story

in morning grace

enchanted light, noble dark

dying along the line

all the effort we put in

a new beginning

day by day the same wheel

brave and grateful

we start we end we glow

then come and see

gardens down below

fall is over, seasons’ queen

or I shall write you more


to the next

me  at time

floating floating elsewhere

trying to arrive at the surface

even I take by hand a simple cause

even I beloved by stories

just stories

so funny so damned and

affections, supplies,

yellow roses pulled each others.

no ordinary place.

no ordinary ground.

so the world

is missing


what space confines

what is a house

what is a room

brine and sand

many flowers

both real and unreal

beauty is a teasing frame of mind

in effective black and white

last tangerine you smell

last oranges you suck

go go go

vermillion shades

do not break your night

your heart my heart

like a spinning top

nor do I write about drops

and missing faces and ecoes and February storm

a castle is a castle

she told her tail

a castle downthere

on the white wall

she signed the picture

demure hands, a fortitude as well

let her not think to photos

and other pretty souvenirs

and money

they lay under clothes

hidden in the wardrobe