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Tag Archives: 2010

Yes a birthday is a milestone

When you stop and look behind

Paper-scissor-stone indeed

Golden fields by precious time

Make sounds and sounds

Pleasant to me that

Neptune adopted me

With turquoise and wisteria

Water and zinc

Years so true

Dear so long

Skin so few

One birthday of mine

I hold a route with hands

I stood admiring as a child

Circles just circles

And chiklets

friday evening clearance

oh man

light bulbs just white

cross the row in single file

fizzy oleanders and scent of laurel

I should go all over or

I should seat next the shore

so slow water

so untitled thinking

Portofino’s laughing

with cactus on walls

later on we’ll steal the night

distant fingers moving a side



brave and shocked

scent of tangerine now

a tipsy dance


how did the storms be back

how did

companionships land or sail

and commuters of ideas

change clothes office to home

stolen ash

brittle flush for the roses

start smailing,you do

and be companion

either good or bad

’cause we’ll steal the night

shots of halleluya

singing in the deep

and steams all along that way

here we go