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in these similiar places
so deep so green a mid summer moon
all the ambulances all the weddings
are lessons in surviving
a glaze in the open field
and downstairs rainbow,
a sweet oblivion






we’re loving each others forever

half in time with disorder and readings

and chopping kisses for cherries

and miracles in sweetie lies

such a theme of dusty

occupations all around

sucking precious hours

in love affairs we are just segments

never for the entire space

we are goods, letters, parcels

delivered somewhere

and loved to be loved

and never get lost

sycomors are so far so simple






There are so many things I’m flirting with

oh please, don’t gamble a penny

for my wicked bones and bloody flash

now heart is the real pun

it fondles me everytime I know

don’t gamble for me if

out of the blue I open

some doors in front of cute desires

clumps of grass





we are almost here

with a short luggage

every day is a possible journey

I was born close enough

I grew up far enough

my story is a face

a promenade and different light

daydream daydream

melancholy is a snake since

when I was four and usually

I drew all my skies in black

a duckling as I am since then

in order to become and pay some rent

once I am a shining glass

once I am a prayer lost

so now I left the radio station

missing all the music I was in commotion with

and the microphone,ferryboat for ideas

may I ever loose this world

the beauty inside

dripping circumstances

the musical response

connected with poetry

I put all these raw materials

in the suitcase together with

the mood and its variations

and now I’m writing my novel

the last chapter is going to be over

lungs and eyelids and lies

 flashing variations mood

I should keep the beat

if I stay or if I go

staring through the window 

rest on the balcony

rest on the balcony


one step beyond,another orchid

close at hands bread and cups

pink dye red dye purple dye

do you look for a new dress

warming up legs and ears

one step beyond, across a lattice window

flowers talk about sleepy islands

as blessed fire as lighter skin as foolish streets

wet ground or boiling soup

a woman phones up a man crying

moss on he walls and fags all around

the elegance of the day still coming

the curfew too along the courtyard bike

one step beyond, walking audience we are

as pushchairs on show




and so, dear of mine

my life is a slide-show

so unreal at the time so exausted

like 4 hours to be lived

and 5 minutes sucking and collapsing

heart circumference and mind one

holy circumstances such a strange feeling

devouring rapide stars

tonight I dress in white

the purity I refuse



imm023(water in s.m.novella downstairs)

come and see

how this world did no stop

and winter time has come with

some warm chestnuts

a nice traditional solstice

a low light and yellow and shy

along the civic lines as bunches of grapes

a right homecoming for the gone world

and news are drops, beautiful or not

come and see

how the perspectives mend pets and bones

a kind of hustle and bustle on the map

sparkling sparkling around


terrace is my balance sometimes

rainy motorways and pleasant trees

feelings are roller coaster

their ashes streets are special

full of enchanted proposals

the spotless grave for missing hours

with no name these locality

thistles and depots

it’s not easy, the revolution



(madonna e lucchetti lungo la stradina)


another time in another place

all about the moon

all about the mouth of the sun

previous lives orbit us

so glam so daring so high

mushmellows in the gloomy dark

stampede among kisses and craving for

love is my baggage lost

and I’m the rest of a little girl

comes a time and

the awaikings are not sour anymore

my terrific yellow planet

these black shells aren’t mine

we live worlds
we open words
planets and routes as well
we love we dream we chop
we hope we save we die
stock decades of runner plans
each life is in
 each life is out
like orange squash
chrysanthemums and cinnamon
diamonds and pearls
dust and mould
wicked cheers
pains are tender and flute
the center of universe we see
the big bang rush we stuff
the pretty lies we said downthere we slept
so stay tuned,
fabulous child