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John Trudell, Blue indians

Neil Young, No wonder

Buffalo Springfield, Everydays

Devendra Banhart, Sea Horse

Joni Mitchell, Banquet

Leonard Cohen, Stories of the strett


all we need is love

all we need is love


Jeff Buckley, Kick out the jams

Fairport Convention, Reno Nevada

Jefferson Airplane, Volunteers

The Who, My generation

Patti Smith, Don’t say nothing

The Velvet Underground, We’re gonna have a real good time together

Nirvana, About a girl

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Baltimore

Meat Puppets, Boyhood home

Inger Lorre, Dusted


Pentangle, The trees they do grow high

Traffic, John Barleycorn must die

Donovan, Mellow yellow

Caravan, Waterloo lily

Barclay James Harvest, Negative earth

Led Zeppelin, In my time of dying




still life, here it is

a composure with

lizard, poppies, lilium

grasshoppers, dragonflies, tulips

here it is the poetic mood

all the lost moon

and the time forever changes

my vocab is lost and found today

when the lonesome travellers

dissolving themselves

for a precious good-bye


come and see

how this world did no stop

and winter time has come with

some warm chestnuts

a nice traditional solstice

a low light and yellow and shy

along the civic lines as bunches of grapes

a right homecoming for the gone world

and news are drops, beautiful or not

come and see

how the perspectives mend pets and bones

a kind of hustle and bustle on the map

sparkling sparkling around


another time in another place

all about the moon

all about the mouth of the sun

previous lives orbit us

so glam so daring so high

mushmellows in the gloomy dark

stampede among kisses and craving for

love is my baggage lost

and I’m the rest of a little girl

comes a time and

the awaikings are not sour anymore

my terrific yellow planet

these black shells aren’t mine



Death is a pineapple in the cake of death

WHIch wing?

I deny death I don’t know why

Ask the swans who are rocking me under the chair forest

The dragon I saw

Small as my jupiter finger

Looking back with miniature flames

The whole middle ages

And vanish quickly

Beauteous apparition i was thinking of war A poem

Beauty must be reckoned with

(fiori per Pasolini)