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Tag Archives: late winter

A moon’s glove is liquid

sparkling echoes on the ground

unsteady we are

good fishes we are

a crazy wisteria falls

a limelight a deja vù

signal and wall

alterations we are

even we are pure

know you all,forbidden stones



Yes a birthday is a milestone

When you stop and look behind

Paper-scissor-stone indeed

Golden fields by precious time

Make sounds and sounds

Pleasant to me that

Neptune adopted me

With turquoise and wisteria

Water and zinc

Years so true

Dear so long

Skin so few

One birthday of mine

I hold a route with hands

I stood admiring as a child

Circles just circles

And chiklets

each one of us is a swing
like an hunged ball
like a windy flag
like the untold above
holy misery holy sadness
borrow me ashes and dust
dropping from the ceiling is the past
harvest.burning.reflections.squirting or not.
amazed persons.

there is a shape for dreams
there is a shape for fear and desire
for hunger to be loved
so these days are an evolution for everyone,
true love and crazy cats