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Tag Archives: love ‘nd lovers

so you dreamt me,last night

you dreamt the shore we stood on

the little distance recalled back

skin sliding no word no shape changing

it was marvellous wasn’t it

it was my fault yes it is

so close so close so wet and then

sliding in another place together

we got into a tangle

steam and stone

so last night you dreamt me

yes it was,you say

you just woke up confused

sadly no me close to you

on sunday morning warm pillow

that’s why your misty clear voice

suddenly phoned me all the story

carring on it coming round it

breathless mad simple bite

we are not able to die of hunger

because it’s about

a romance and telegraph poles

the water its mass and the blanks between

two black lines upside-down my eyes

both the lips of mine circled by gloss

so perfect for you to kiss them