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The sources are mixed with the river

rivers with the Ocean

the winds of Heaven always

cakes in motion unite

nothing in the world is single

and everything to divine law

a force meets and merges.

Why not I with you?

See the mountains kiss high

of  Heaven, and that the waves one by one

embrace. No sister-flower

would live more backward toward his brother-flower.

And the glow of the sun covers the earth

and the moonbeams kiss the sea.

What all this work tender

if you do not want to kiss me?


all these things can be

they scream and push

in the rising euphoria

all these things can be

each smell each taste

we had so deeply

a watercolour purpose

and hands in their own place

softly touching istant glances

you all madrigals, hurry up hurry up!

all these things can be

more beauty

more creep