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this is the road, you see

all over the open field

all over the merry sky

actually a playground where

everyone is searching for a trip

a good good one, you know

remember the spiced sorrows

and the little delights

and the ghost cities you have been in

and the ghost cities you’re going to

so scratch the lines

when you blow away the blue

plenty of things fall apart

no longer exist

and whatever happens

this kind of days

they are magicians and travellers

they are pretty cool at all

fire, as well

fire, as well


one by one they will be one thousand
broken time,sold out index
slowly slowly without a warning
they are sun-drenched beaches or just the last land
everything is coming
do not tell me do not tell me
one by one they will be one thousand

uno per uno saranno mille

il tempo spezzato,il repertorio esaurito

piano piano senza avviso

è l’azimut è l’ultima spiaggia

tutto quanto viene

non dirmi non dirmi

uno per uno saranno mille