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Rolling Stones, Hate to see you go

Pearl Jam, You are

Jimy Hendrix, Stone Free

Screeming Trees, for celebration past

Mark Lanegan, Phantasmagoria blues

come and see

how this world did no stop

and winter time has come with

some warm chestnuts

a nice traditional solstice

a low light and yellow and shy

along the civic lines as bunches of grapes

a right homecoming for the gone world

and news are drops, beautiful or not

come and see

how the perspectives mend pets and bones

a kind of hustle and bustle on the map

sparkling sparkling around


Death is a pineapple in the cake of death

WHIch wing?

I deny death I don’t know why

Ask the swans who are rocking me under the chair forest

The dragon I saw

Small as my jupiter finger

Looking back with miniature flames

The whole middle ages

And vanish quickly

Beauteous apparition i was thinking of war A poem

Beauty must be reckoned with

(fiori per Pasolini)



I don’t know it I don’t know it yet
not in vertical,my daily position
anyway I’m singing the continuous escapes
the candid bones,my sleepy touch
actually I don’t know my obsessions
they are sincere they are made of glass
so I’m looking for the survivors
one hundred miles after the strangers
you see – I have a touchdown existence
and the houses are welcoming
half-closed they watch some late conversations
the clearest one embraces a dirty white