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Tag Archives: poetry of mine

me  at time

floating floating elsewhere

trying to arrive at the surface

even I take by hand a simple cause

even I beloved by stories

just stories

so funny so damned and

affections, supplies,

yellow roses pulled each others.

no ordinary place.

no ordinary ground.

so the world

is missing


what space confines

what is a house

what is a room

brine and sand

many flowers

both real and unreal

beauty is a teasing frame of mind

in effective black and white

last tangerine you smell

last oranges you suck

go go go

vermillion shades

do not break your night

your heart my heart

like a spinning top

this is the road, you see                                                                                                                                                                

all over the open field

all over the sullied sky

actually a playground where

everyone is searching for a trip

a good good one, you know

remember the spiced sorrows

and the little delights

and the ghost cities you have been in

and the ghost cities you’re going to

so scratch the lines

when you blow away the blue

plenty of things fall apart

no longer exist

and whatever happens

this kind of days

they are magicians and travellers

they are pretty cool at all









James Brown, The boss

Dusty Springfield, Spooky

The Stooges, I wanna be your dog

Castways, Liar Liar

The B-52’s, Lava

Woo Hoo, The’6

Nancy Sinatra, Bang bang (my baby shot me down)



a new line is mind-off

regrets no more

you need strokes and linen

you need all your people

tonight disorientated as you are

black mistakes fill the diary up

so heavy they are

dangling and disturbing

anything but an offer for some whims

where usually you plait

a loving strand of life

table lamp in front of the church

table lamp in front of the church

goodbye goodbye they left

some weeks they were my guest

hunting and eating minutes,stuff

all my demons walked by

burned vowels and consonants

stolen nightly rest

they infested my nest

they have gone and so

later white blankets

later few silver rings to be worn

sign of relief and brief smiles

I know I know they’ll be back

them or me on the roof


we talked about lives and other accidents

truly consequences of some leap year

moon as scrabbled eggs

escaping sky mute as fire

we could fly

we made an all-out effort

meanwhile bittersweet is mad

almond jelly on cranberries jam

solaces as molten rock

we were lost in puddles

truly yours

almost done, tears and lily

my empty pockets

my full hands

my feet are joining a brand new slide

they slow down as

a thousand leaves one by one

in the line between choke and breath

every liquor is charismatic

insane red geranium loved and beloved

cozy promenades and sundries on the rocks

take care of me

it’s springtime



all these things can be

they scream and push

in the rising euphoria

all these things can be

each smell each taste

we had so deeply

a watercolour purpose

and hands in their own place

softly touching istant glances

you all madrigals, hurry up hurry up!

all these things can be

more beauty

more creep

so you dreamt me,last night

you dreamt the shore we stood on

the little distance recalled back

skin sliding no word no shape changing

it was marvellous wasn’t it

it was my fault yes it is

so close so close so wet and then

sliding in another place together

we got into a tangle

steam and stone

so last night you dreamt me

yes it was,you say

you just woke up confused

sadly no me close to you

on sunday morning warm pillow

that’s why your misty clear voice

suddenly phoned me all the story

carring on it coming round it

breathless mad simple bite

we are not able to die of hunger

because it’s about

a romance and telegraph poles

the water its mass and the blanks between

two black lines upside-down my eyes

both the lips of mine circled by gloss

so perfect for you to kiss them