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The James Taylor Quartet, Fat Boy Stomp

Gak Sato, Seeing is inventing

Donald Fagen, Green flower street

The Visionuts, No longer will the vibration of the sun

Free Fall (Vandermark/Flaten/Wiik), Emergency

Van Morrison, End of the rainbow








Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Serenade For The Renegade

Nils Petter Molvaer, Hurry Slowly

Benjamin Koppel New Nordic Quartet, The Children Of Noisy Village

Vandermark/Flaten/Wiik, Half  Past Soon

Tina Dico, Let’s get lost

Alex  Vargas, Wasteland



Easter sunday

Fear and too much rain

For this time of year

Just too many shadows for what’s no there

And any second a knocking at the door.

Easter sunday and nothing blooming

On the dogwood branches out back

I need to see each leaf come on time

Their growth in measured intervals like multiple orgasm

Of a woman in my arms.                                            Space

And time vibrating as one.     That’s it

         The moment of the leaf

The vibration I feel relentless shivering limbs and moist bending eyes





well spring

I’m onto your tricks

don’t think

I’ll be easier on you


all winter

you sat on a fence

and grinned


when you come again

I think

I’ll never sleep

for walking the

2 AM mist

till dawn

and then

dancing the day


(more or less love poems)

friday evening clearance

oh man

light bulbs just white

cross the row in single file

fizzy oleanders and scent of laurel

I should go all over or

I should seat next the shore

so slow water

so untitled thinking

Portofino’s laughing

with cactus on walls


I woke up oh mine

when you called me sweety

my rebirth was coming

may I bite you again may I feed you

some good reason for breakfast

me,barefoot in front of the door

kissing a smile sharing a toffee

morning lost,unusual old weather

a naked dress and daily blossoms:

two of us,a certain love


( Angoli,photo courtesy of Mauro Migoni )